Job: Behavioral Health Coordinator I

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Jobing Description


Responsible for coordination of behavioral health services for Title XIX/XXI AHCCCS, DDD and Medicare Advantage SNP members.  Interfaces with all entities responsible for providing behavioral health services: (1) Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHA); (2) Tribal Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (TRBHA); (3) T/RBHA Subcontracted Behavioral Health Providers; and (4) Care1st Network Providers.


  • Behavioral Health Paraprofessional per requirements in R9-20-204
  • Minimum of one year full-time behavioral health work experience or training
  • Direct knowledge of the RBHA system in Maricopa and/or Pima County
  • Familiarity with AHCCCS, DDD and/or Medicare population
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Access databases
  • Associate's degree, high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly organized with a positive attitude

Skills / Requirements


  • Education of members and providers regarding behavioral health benefits and referral to the T/RBHA system for behavioral health services.  [50%]
  • Serves as point of contact for behavioral health referrals and questions from providers regarding the Care1st behavioral health program.
  • Educates members on the behavioral health services provided by the health plan and the appropriate T/RBHA.
  • Assists members in accessing T/RBHA services by self-referral, through their primary care physician or with assistance from the Care1st behavioral health department.
  • Monitors EPSDT referrals to ensure that members under the age of 21 receive a developmental/behavioral health screening in compliance with the AHCCCS periodicity schedule and that those members are appropriately referred for behavioral health services as indicated.
  • Tracks and documents referral requests to the T/RBHA to ensure proper member notification, timely access to services, and appropriate follow-through with the assigned T/RBHA provider.
  • Facilitates coordination of care and direct collaboration between the member’s behavioral health provider and primary care physician or Care1st specialist.
  • Address quality of care issues by assisting in the resolution of member, medical provider or T/RBHA problems and complaints.
  • Assists in obtaining appropriate medication history/clinical information from primary care physicians, T/RBHA providers and members in response to pharmacy authorization requests for psychotropic medication.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day implementation, monitoring and ongoing operation of the Care 1st behavioral health program. [35%]
  • Opens a case file on new referrals and maintains the member record in the sequence of events and the services rendered.
  • Responsible for T/RBHA follow-up coordination for members identified as needing behavioral health evaluation and treatment.
  • Enters data as necessary for the generation of reports related to behavioral health referrals, T/RBHA access to care, PCP transfer of care and member utilization of behavioral health services.
  • Demonstrates and advocates the philosophy that provision of quality service to members and providers is the highest priority. [10%]
  • Maintains a professional demeanor in all dealings with members, providers,  co-workers and other agencies.
  • Communicates with other personnel and departments in a professional, positive and effective manner.
  • Maintains a professional appearance while working in and out of the office.
  • Treats sensitive member information in a confidential manner.
  • Adheres to all Human Resources policies and procedures.
  • Ensures confidentiality of patient information.  [5%]
  • Respects the member's right to confidentiality regarding behavioral health issues.
  • Adheres to an ethical code of confidentiality by treating all member information in a confidential manner.
  • Maintains a system to protect the confidentiality of all identifying information for behavioral health recipients, as required by Federal Regulation.
  • Coordinates the transfer of information between the behavioral health providers, physicians, T/RBHA’s and Care1st in a confidential manner.


  • Understands and abides by all departmental policies and procedures as well as the organization’s Corporate Integrity Program.
  • Attends mandatory Corporate Integrity Program education sessions, as required for this position, including the annual mandatory Standards of Conduct class.
  • Participates actively in ensuring that all state and federal rules and regulations are followed as they apply to this position.
  • Abides by all applicable laws and regulations as mandated by state and federal laws and prevents being excluded or sanctioned from any state and/or federal programs as they pertain to healthcare.


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