Job: Behavioral Health Coordinator II

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Jobing Description


Responsible for coordination of behavioral health services for Title XIX/XXI AHCCCS, DDD and Medicare Advantage SNP members. Interfaces with all entities responsible for providing behavioral health services: (1) Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHA); (2) Tribal Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (TRBHA); (3) T/RBHA Subcontracted Behavioral Health Providers; and (4) Care1st Network Providers.


  • Behavioral Health Paraprofessional per requirements in R9-20-204
  • Minimum of one year full-time behavioral health work experience or training
  • Direct knowledge of the T/RBHA system in Maricopa and/or Pima County
  • Familiarity with AHCCCS, DDD and/or Medicare population
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Access databases
  • Associate's degree, high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly organized with a positive attitude


     2. Behavioral health care management for members with medical or behavioral health provider coordination   of care issues. [50%]

  • Provides integrated care management services for complex high medical acuity members with co-morbid behavioral health and/or chemical dependency issues.
  • Serves as point of contact for behavioral health coordination and questions from members and providers regarding the integrated behavioral health program.
  • Educates medical providers about behavioral health and/or chemical dependency coordination of care initiatives and directives.
  • Facilitates coordination of care and direct collaboration between the member’s behavioral health provider and primary care physician or Care1st specialist.
  • Assists members and providers in resolving coordination of care issues through improved communication, advocacy and multidisciplinary treatment planning.
  • Addresses quality of care issues by assisting in the resolution of member, medical provider or T/RBHA problems and complaints.
  • Monitors behavioral health and medical provider coordination of care for members engaged in behavioral health and/or chemical dependency services.
  • Tracks and documents coordination of care activites to ensure proper notification, conflict resolution and appropriate follow through by providers.


     3. Responsible for the day-to-day implementation, monitoring and ongoing operation of the Care 1st behavioral health program. [35%]

  • Opens a case file on each coordination of care referrals and maintains the member record in the sequence of events and the services rendered.
  • Responsible for medical and behavioral health follow-up coordination for members engaged in behavioral health and/or chemical dependency services.
  • Enters data as necessary for the generation of reports related to behavioral health coordination, access to care and member utilization of behavioral health and medical services.

      4. Demonstrates and advocates the philosophy that provision of quality service to members and providers is the highest priority. [10%]

  • Maintains a professional demeanor in all dealings with members, providers,     co-workers and other agencies.
  • Communicates with other personnel and departments in a professional, positive and effective manner.
  • Maintains a professional appearance while working in and out of the office.
  • Treats sensitive member information in a confidential manner.
  • Adheres to all Human Resources policies and procedures. 



  1. Ensures confidentiality of patient information. [5%]
  •  Respects the member's right to confidentiality regarding behavioral health issues.
  • Adheres to an ethical code of confidentiality by treating all member information in a confidential manner.
  • Maintains a system to protect the confidentiality of all identifying information for behavioral health recipients, as required by Federal Regulation.
  • Coordinates the transfer of information between the behavioral health providers, physicians, T/RBHA’s and Care1st in a confidential manner.



  •  Understands and abides by all departmental policies and procedures as well as the organization’s Corporate Integrity Program.
  • Attends mandatory Corporate Integrity Program education sessions, as required for this position, including the annual mandatory Standards of Conduct class.
  • Participates actively in ensuring that all state and federal rules and regulations are followed as they apply to this position.
  • Abides by all applicable laws and regulations as mandated by state and federal laws and prevents being excluded or sanctioned from any state and/or federal programs as they pertain to healthcare.

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